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Wood Ash Talk

We all know about using wood ash out in the yard. Or do we? I think some of us know 'something' about it, but that might be about it.

I'll start off by saying wood ash will raise the soil pH. It's alkaline so it stands to reason you would be able to use ash instead of lime. Not so fast though, ash has only about less than half the effect that lime has. None the less though, you might not want to spread wood ash around your blueberries or other acid lovers.

What it does do that I can appreciate is that it will add additional potassium to the soil. Potassium can be tricky sometimes as there does not seem to be a grouping of plants that can do this until they go thru a transition such as burning wood material to get wood ashes.

Would I add wood ashes to the soil? You bet! But not where acid-loving plants like blueberries are growing, of course.

Along with the added benefit of potassium, I hear tell that slugs won't cross any ash. Also, leaf-eating bugs won't eat leaves with ash on them in the garden.

Wood Ash Talk