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Our primary focus is getting you on your journey to grow fruit organically. Not only do we offer an incredible selection of fruit trees and supporting plants, we offer the education you need to succeed.

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Print a Seasonal Calendar for Apple Trees
Print a Seasonal Calendar for Apple Trees

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Are you looking to get started growing apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees? Are you facing some challenges growing your fruit trees? Get expert advice and solutions from Don over-the-phone or in-person.

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Fantastic Fruit Trees & How to Grow Them

June 7, 2024 @ 6 PM

This is an entry-advanced level (well maybe a bit more than entry level) workshop for one who appreciates the idea of growing their own fruit, holistically. It is for one who might be hesitant to start because simply put, don't know how to start. It is for one who has started but feels like they are getting nowhere. It is for one who has fruit trees but is so frustrated with them, they are thinking of cutting them down and starting over. Let's get that turned around and get you on the way to great fruit! Bring a lawn chair and if you want to snack while here, bring that, too!

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Pesticide Free Growers - 100% Organic

A Slew of Apple Trees!

We begin the next phase of the growing season with a slew of different cultivars of apple trees that we have been growing holistically just for you!

Blue Pearmain, Keepsake, Jonamac, Ashmeads Kernal, Black Oxford, Canadian Strawberry, Pixie Crunch, Rubinette, Triumph, Wealthy, Winecrisp, and many more! 

If you are looking for common or uncommon apple trees, we have a selection that is right up your alley.

See you soon,

-Don, Janeen, Shirley, and Mark  


A Slew of Apple Trees!

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