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Our primary focus is getting you on your journey to grow fruit organically. Not only do we offer an incredible selection of fruit trees and supporting plants, we offer the education you need to succeed.

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Fantastic Fruit Trees & How to Grow Them

July 15, 2022 @ 6:00PM

This is an entry-level workshop for one who appreciates the idea of growing their own fruit, organically. It is for one who might be hesitant to start because simply put, don't know how to start. It is for one who has started but feels like they are getting nowhere. It is for one who has fruit trees but is so frustrated with them, they are going to cut them down.

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Folks, this is really a fun workshop where Don will show you what he uses and does in the orchard. He will even do a spray mixing demonstration! This will be held on July 15th. Bring your own lawn chair.  

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Saturday, July 2

Trader Mulberry: Hey Friends listen up. Some of you know that I am and have been trying to find good and hardy mulberries that can withstand extreme environments. This 'Trader Mulberry' might fit the bill real nice.

This Mulberry was brought over from Germany and has been surviving North Dakota winter for over 50 trees. Supposedly, the very tree that was brought over from Germany is still going strong!

This 'Trader Mulberry is disease and insect resistant and is said to be especially resistant to the Spotted Wing Drosophila SWD fruit fly.

Zone 3 hardy. 1 1/2" black fruits.

I have 12 of…

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Elderberry Bushes!

Ranch, John's, and Adam's Elderberry bushes are ready to go and get planted at their new home. These bushes are large right now at 2 1/2'-4' tall! Friends, these are priced to go at 24.99 each and will not be here long nor will this offer be here long.   

Elderberry Bushes!

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