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Diatomaceous Earth vs. Koalin Clay

This season right after petal fall, we need to get prepared for battle. You see, once we hit the bloom period there is no going back, and interesting things can happen if we are not observant of the fruit trees and berry bushes.

Last year in a heated competition with Japanese Beetles, we had switched over to using the Diatomaceous Earth in addition to and by itself from using the Neem and a Spinosad.

The Neem seems to work on the reproductive side of things, and Spinosad along with Diatomaceous Earth really seemed to come out on the positive side of things.

Diatomaceous Earth did come out ahead on the positive side by itself, though it still fared better with the Spinosad.

That said, we will be seeing what else the Diatomaceous Earth can do by way of deterring the Plum Curculio and also the Codling Moth.

Diatomaceous Earth is less costly to use than Kaolin Clay, so I like that. I will be doing part of my plums with one or the other to see if there is a good comparison as far as the effectiveness goes. We will be reporting the results, but as of now, we are switching to Diatomaceous Earth from Kaolin Clay from a cost perspective while getting the same results with both.

Diatomaceous Earth vs. Koalin Clay