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Mixing Neem and Sourcing Effective Microbes

Neem oil is like molasses in January when its temp is around 60F degrees. Warming the bottle up starting the day before will help with the mixing process.

Using mild dish soap such as Seventh Generation, mix the neem till no fatty globules are visible. If there are some still, even when you follow the directions on the bottle, just add a little more of the dish soap. It is then that you would mix into the warm water which can then be mixed into colder water in your tank, be it backpack sprayer or what have you.

Effective Microbes are typically boughten online. Sooner or later, I have measurable amounts to sell as the fellow orchardist needs it, but ordering online is the simplest at the moment.

SCD Probiotics is where I source my Effective Microbes from. It is sold as ' ProBio Balance Original'.

It usually runs around $35.50 with shipping via FED EX.

Mixing Neem and Sourcing Effective Microbes