Organic Grown Trees & Plants:

About Us

Who We Are

Don and Janeen Albrecht started Albrecht's Nursery and Orchard in 2010. The nursery and orchard offers the most extensive collection of fruit trees in the area by far as well as courses on grafting, pruning, companion planting, and more.

Don is a lifelong farmer. He grew up on a dairy farm, and an added chore in the springtime was planting trees. In the late 1980s, Don got his start in apples as a picker, utilizing a tractor, wagon, ladders, and bushel boxes. After serving in the US Army as a mechanic, he continued farming when he returned home, eventually opening his own nursery and orchard.

With more than 250 varieties of apple trees in his personal collection, Don truly has a passion for fruit trees. Don loves to teach folks about companion planting and growing their own fruit organically. You can tell in a heartbeat that Don has a passion for what he does. Unlike other nurseries that simply want to sell products, Don takes the time to make sure that you have all the information you need to plant and grow your purchases successfully and organically.

Don has served on the Organic Fruit Growers Association board since 2015. He is a member of the Chippewa Falls Rotary Club. He also volunteers at the HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital community garden, where he tends a row of apple trees.

"You'll know why you should grow your own food once you harvest it and eat it. You'll know where it came from -- there's a sense of satisfaction. When you go harvest that apple for the first time, that's what it's all about."

Our Philosophy

The organic and holistic approach to growing great food is fundamental to Albrecht's Nursery & Orchard. Our primary focus is getting you on your journey to grow fruit organically.

Most of you have a family to care for, so do we. That makes it a top priority for us to have living, healthy soils into which we plant as many perennial crops as we can -- not just fruit trees but also berry bushes and supporting companion plants. Planting a variety of perennials will support your fruit trees and eliminate the need for chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Many of these plants are not only yummy to eat but offer medical benefits as well:

  • Culinary: Plant leaf, stem, and root vegetables to eat, such as asparagus, squash, artichoke, rhubarb, strawberries, and currants.
  • Insectary: Certain plants such as strawberries, lavender, and lemon balm will attract beneficial insects. Other plants such as chives, garlic, and daffodils will deter rodents and pests.
  • Soil Enriching: Plants such as comfrey, peas, and beans are an excellent source of nitrogen, an essential nutrient for healthy fruit production. Artichoke, rhubarb, and clover also work well to provide biomass for mulch.

We are always increasing the availability of organic supplies for market gardeners, farmers, and orchards. Stop in to chat with us today, and we'll get you started on your journey to growing fruit organically!