Organic Grown Trees & Plants:


Grafting Workshop

March 9, 2024 @ 10 AM

Learn why we graft apple trees and the mechanics of how to graft from Don Albrecht. Then, it's on to your stations! You can graft three trees that you will be able to take home with you. Many cool varieties to choose from to build your own orchard. All you need to bring is your smile, something to drink, and sunglasses. This is so exciting I can hardly wait!

Register now to save your spot. The fee covers everything you need to graft your trees and get them home safely. Grafting packages are also available for purchase that include grafting knives, grafting tape, rootstock, scion wood -- everything you need to do this at home.

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After attending a class on Growing Organic Apple Trees, I was left with the awareness of what amazing people Don and Janeen are. The material presented was well organized, and the individual folders were chock-full of helpful information that was easy to follow. The folders allowed me to pay more attention to what Don was saying, instead of trying to keep up with note-taking. Don's depth of knowledge and wisdom of the orchard and the trees that grow in them was obvious right from the beginning. One evening, although it was almost three hours long, barely tapped into what this man knows. Anyone in West Central Wisconsin who wishes to learn about how to raise organic fruit trees, look no further than Albrecht's Nursery!

— Patrick Sullivan

After recently taking the Organic Apple Hour 101, my husband and I are extremely excited to start organically managing our small orchard. Don is a wealth of knowledge and provides you the information and resources you need to effectively manage your trees. The information folder he provides is well organized and lays out how to maintain your trees with a month-by-month guide. He also makes sure to tailor his advice during the class to your specific issues or problems you've encountered. We are looking forward to taking another course with him.

— Ingrid Walden

This class is chock-full of valuable information, resources, guidance, and most importantly the real-world experience of the Albrechts. Their willingness to share not only what works, but what does not and why really gave me a head start to properly care for my newly established orchard. I greatly appreciated the interactive presentation. Seeing the various pruning, fertilizing, and so many other techniques in person solidified the lessons. The take-home materials left me well prepared and ready to get to work. Whether you have one fruit tree or many, a well-established orchard or brand new, you need this course!

— Kate Johnson

I was feeling overwhelmed by how to choose the right management techniques for my new apple trees. Attending this workshop left me with a clear management plan that I know will result in beautiful apple crops in the future. Don's insight into local conditions and pest challenges specific to our little corner of the globe is something you won't find in a general fruit growing handbook. I'm looking forward to continuing my learning in his more advanced classes in the future.

— Lindsay Olson

Our family has owned apple trees for many years, and we have always sprayed chemicals to get a nice-looking crop. Last year, I purchased a couple of new apple trees from Don and decided it was time to consider our health and start growing organically raised apples. Apples are number five on the Dirty Dozen list of pesticides in produce. When I started to look into how to become organic, the information was overwhelming. I needed a hands-on class. The information presented in the Organic Apple Hour 101 class was logical and easy to understand. Several demonstrations were given and everyone's questions were answered. We were very pleased with the course and all given a nice manual to take home. I felt I had learned a lot and could now start the organic journey. 

— David Crane