Organic Grown Trees & Plants:


Indirect Results

I've recently discovered... plants that work for something else that ends up helping us.

We plant plants that we know are serving some purpose or another. Why else would we plant, right? Sometimes these plants have indirect benefits. What do I mean by that? Ok, I'm sure I've written about this very subject before, but I want to share an interesting example which I found funny.

There are these two guys that live in separate apartments in the same building. There is an empty lot in Minneapolis, where awhile back, a fire took a building. Now, this empty lot was across the street from their apartments. They grow a garden and have an area for fruit trees and berry shrubs. Building this area up attracted mice in from the streets. So they planted Catnip to get rid of the mice!

So, I asked, "Catnip gets rid of mice!?" Yup. They said the Catnip brought in the 'cats', which got rid of the mice! I thought that was funny!

Indirect Results