Organic Grown Trees & Plants:

Honeycrisp Apple

  • Zone: 4
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Texture: Crisp
  • Bloom Time: Mid
  • Harvest Time: Mid
  • Size: Prune to desired height
  • Uses: Fresh eating, cider, baking, storage

An exciting apple that is exceptionally crisp and juicy. Flavor is sweet but well-balanced. Excellent storage life, up to seven months. Has been rated equal to or higher in overall quality than Haralson, Honeygold, or Keepsake in winter storage trials. Ripens in late September in MN and stores like a late season variety. Has become an outstanding commercial and home orchard variety because of its explosive crispness, flavor and storage life. Malus Indian Summer is a good pollinator. (trial in zone 3). CPBR #1007, C