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GoldRush Apple

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  • Zone: 4
  • Taste: Sweet/Tart
  • Texture: Crisp
  • Bloom Time: Mid-Late
  • Harvest Time: Late
  • Size: Prune to desired height
  • Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, cider, storage

GoldRush was called Co-op 38 when in the disease resistant apple breeding program run by Purdue, Rutgers, and Illinois Univ. Was introduced in 1973. Very firm, crisp and juicy. Golden colored apple with a pretty blush. Tart when first harvested, developes a very rich and well balanced flavor after some time in storage. It is one of our latest harvested apples here at Albrecht's. Has been known to last up to 11 months in storage and gets very sweet. A disease resistant tree.