Organic Grown Trees & Plants:

Blue Pearmain Apple

  • Zone: 4
  • Taste: Sweet/TartDense
  • Bloom Time: Mid-Late
  • Harvest Time: Late
  • Size: Prune to desired height
  • Uses: Cider, fresh eating

New England, early 19th century, or thought to be. Stores until mid-winter, being toted as an old-fashioned winter eating apple. Noting how dense these apples are, here is a poem for you: I know a Blue Pearmain tree, growing within the edge of a swamp, almost as good as wild. You would not suppose that there was any fruit left there, on the first survey, but you must look according to system. If I am sharp set, for I do not refuse the Blue Pearmain, I fill my pockets on each side; and as I retrace my steps in the frosty eve, being perhaps four or five miles from home, I eat one first from this side, and then from that, to keep my balance. - Herny David Thoreau