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BlackIce Plum

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  • Zone: 4
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Texture: Tender
  • Bloom Time: Early May
  • Harvest Time: Early August
  • Size: Prune to desired height
  • Uses: Fresh eating, semi-clingstone

BlackIce is a cross between a cherry plum and a conventional Japanese dessert plum resulting in large fruit with superior winter hardiness and an early ripening date. Fruit size and yield is comparable to popular conventional cultivars, however, the ripening date is 2-4 weeks earlier. Has been shown to be hardy and produce fruit in USDA zone 3b. Naturally compact growth habit makes it easy to manage. Waneta can pollinate this one, Toka plum is better yet or better still, you can use American (wild) Plum for pollination if one is in the area.