Organic Grown Trees & Plants:

Autumn Blaze Maple

  • Zone: 4
  • Size: 50'-60' High, 40' Wide
  • Foliage: Orange-Red

Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' This hybrid of silver and red maple has experienced phenomenal popularity due to its ascending branch habit, rapid growth rate, drought tolerance when established, ability to grow in most soils, beautiful fall color and form. It was selected as the 1997 Iowa Tree of the year. 2004 Urban Tree of the year, Society of Municipal Arborists. Own root. (C®) This tree grows at a pretty good rate. Some folks have wanted to take advantage of the rate of growth and force this tree to grow faster yet by appying fertilizer, even Miracle-Gro. This will most likely be the end of the tree as breakage at the trunk can occur. We have a starter kit for this tree at planting time. We do not recommend any further fertilization in most situations. This is one of our favorite trees because of how tough they really are and can come back from being girdled by our flock of sheep and even tore up from buck deer. An amazing maple tree.